View of Old Tampa Bay

My friend and I attended a Health & Wellness Expo on Saturday June 1, 2019 in Safety Harbor, FL. After the expo, we decided to go eat a lovely lunch and then go visit this great town.

If you are not familiar with Safety Harbor, FL, you must go visit there. It has an old-fashioned charm. Southern Fresh was our first stop. It is a former home turned restaurant. As you can see by the pictures, the style of the building is unique and the salad was scrumptious and refreshing. They provide indoor and outdoor eating.

After we finished our delightful lunch, we went to walk Philippe Park. This park has many great features; fishing, picnicking, and walking trails to name a few. Philippe Park was acquired in 1948, making it the oldest park in Pinellas County. The park was named after Count Odet Philippe. He was the county’s first non-native settler, arriving in 1842. He has been credited with bringing grapefruit to Florida. It has also been reported, Odet Philippe is buried in the park, but the exact location is undetermined.

You will also find a a Temple Mound in Philippe Park. This was built by Native Americans, known as the Tocobaga. The mound is listed in the National Register of Historic Landmarks in Tampa Bay. The day we visited the park, there was a wedding taking place at the top of the mound.

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My friend and I went for a stroll through the park. There was quite a bit of activity going on. There were family picnics in the picnic shelters, families walking the trails, joggers, and those just taking in the breathtaking views. When you go to Philippe Park, make sure to wear walking shoes, and carry with you a sweat towel and water for these Florida hot days.

Enjoy the views of the path leading up to the temple mound and the view of Old Tampa Bay. Blessings! Lori Skipper