As I was talking with Daddy God this morning, He started talking to me about being taken advantage of. He revealed to me how easy it is for others to take advantage of me, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentional. I have such a kind, giving heart and want the best for others that I tend to neglect myself. I so want others to become who they are called to be in the Kingdom of God and to see others happy, that I tend to neglect myself, by putting them first and not doing the things I enjoy doing or pursuing my passions and my purpose. God reminded me of this saying that I’m sure you’ve all heard, “if you help someone else achieve their purpose, yours will be fulfilled.” He revealed to me that I’ve lived my life that way and in the process, I’ve lost myself. I’ve been so concerned about others achieving their goals and their purpose, that mine have been buried and forgotten. The more I help others, the more they will let me continue to help them, which can then become me being taken advantage of. I’ve helped others grow their businesses and their churches and when I’ve left those places, I’ve been ignored, rejected and forgotten because in their eyes, I no longer held any value to them. I’ve had relationships end when I was no longer helping them achieve their wants/goals while mine continued to be left ignored. I can’t really blame anyone for taking advantage of me, I allowed it to happen. If I’m not going to take care of myself and pursue my passions, no one else is going to. So I’ve committed today, 4/29/19, to pursue my goals, passions and purpose. I’m sure there will be those that do not like it nor will they understand it. They will try to get me to continue doing what I’ve always done, putting them, their dreams, goals and desires first. But I cannot continue down that path. I’ve become very unhappy (I’m not talking about the joy of the Lord) and dissatisfied with my life. God has a plan and purpose for me. He has a destiny for me to fulfill. I will need to co-labor with Him in order for those things to happen. Moving forward, when I say no to someone, it’s nothing personal, I’m just finally saying YES to me. By the grace of God, I will accomplish His plans and purpose for me. And while accomplishing those things, I will be helping others become who they are called to be. Blessings & hugs, Lori Skipper